Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hope you are all Challenging yourselves!

Welcome to all the new members and hello again everyone! What do you all think of our brand new blog? Do  let us know! After all- this is your space!
We are now on Facebook as well :) So don't forget to come by, add yourself there and say hi! 

I had mentioned in my post announcing the March Kerala Kitchen that this month we would also try to challenge ourselves to try out something new- A Malabar style Chatti Pathiri that not many of us have encountered before.
I am proud to say that I have successfully completed the challenge and here is my beauty :)
I am so thrilled with it, and this is going to be my favourite new party dish :)
If I can do it, then you most definitely can! And let me say, it was much easier than it looks!

Chatti Pathiris can be made with many variations.
I made mine with Whole Wheat flour and used chicken sausages for the filling.
This can easily be made with veggies like mushroom, onions, corn, peas, bellpeppers, paneer, soy nuggets etc.

Also check out an awesome Sweet version of the Chatti Pathiris from Shab's blog.
For the original challenge recipe from Ria go to her blog here

Now go make it if you haven't already!

Also keep the entries for this month's Kerala Kitchen coming in to magpiemails AT gmail DOT com! Remember the last date is 30th March.
Make sure you have included a link to either the Kerala Kitchen page on my blog, or preferably, this new Kerala Kitchen blog! 

See you all at the roundup. Until then, keep cooking, eating, blogging,smiling, laughing, loving and do also remember the many people in Japan affected by the terrible earthquake and continue to pray for them to be filled with hope and not despair as they rebuild their lives.

-Best wishes


Vimitha Anand said...

Hi Maggie, Thanks for stopping by and leaving ur valuable comments...

I would love to join the Kerala kitchen cooking group and its my pleasure... Thanks for the opportunity dear... Do let me know what should be done next...

Magpie said...

Hi Vimitha
Thanks for coming over to the Kerala Kitchen! To become a member, you just have to send me a Kerala inspired dish
Just add a link to in your post and send me the link to your posts, you can email me your entries to
magpiemails AT gmail DOT com

Sonali Pradhan said...

Hi Maggie....first time have a wonderful collection of recipes in here.....I too have a space with some kerala fish recipes ...I would love to participate in your event :-) do visit my space sometimes whenever u hav time !

Anonymous said...

when will the March round up happen? I am super excited..

Karishma said...

Dear Maggie and Ria, I can't thank you enough for adding my blog to your blogroll here in "our team"...the traffic that it is driving to my blog is immense and I'm so proud to be part of this group! Love this site (the font especially!) and how you're bringing together Kerala cuisine on one platter...will be taking part in the March event, but not with the chattipathiri (haven't got the courage yet for that!!!)

Magpie said...

Round up coming soon Anita! Little caught up in a bakesale this weekend, will post the lovely collection in a few days!
Meanwhile do keep cooking for next month :)
Karishma, I am so glad to hear that! we are proud to have you as our member too! The font is Ria's special touch!
Oh and don't worry about the CP- it's much simpler than it looks- you make the crepes as you would dosas, spread some of the filling on them, and stack them in a saucepan, pour coconut milk over and cook. Simplified version of Ria's wonderful recipe hehe. Just make sure to use a saucepan slightly smaller in diameter than the crepes so that they fold over and form a better shape,else the filling might leak out.And don't stress! take your time, its super simple! If I could do it, anyone can!

Plateful said...

The chatti pathiri looks marvellous, Magpie! I'm so sorry I couldn't take part in the challenge.

And hey, I love the total look and feel of the new Kerala Kitchen- great going girls! Cheers!!