Friday, June 3, 2011

The Kerala Kitchen May 2011 - Round Up

We had a wonderful, amazingly sweet host last month- Sarah of Spoonfulofdelight! I know I shouldn't have favorites amonsgt KK members but I can't help it! Sarah is one of my favourite members. There I said it! She has enthusiastically participated every month right from our very first month and has spread the word to many of you, brining you into our family. When I was stressed out with my house shift and asked her if she would like to host last month, she immediately said yes, and even incorporated an easier way for us all to add our entries by using an online form. Thanks Sarah for being such a wonderful, gracious host and invaluable part of the Kerala Kitchen ! Here is the round up that was also posted on her wonderful blog full of goodies here

Time to Feast- The Kerala Kitchen May 2011 Round up by Sarah of Spoonful of Delight

What's been cooking in the Kerala Kitchen in May?

Lots of mouth-watering delicacies - each one wonderful in its own way.
So folks, its time to set the table (or rather lay the banana leaves) for an astounding feast from God's own country!

Renita's Banana Fritters

Julie's Easy Beef Curry

Sobha's Simple Mango Pickle to spice up any meal

Mango Glass Pudding from My Potpourri of Recipes

Swapna's Meatball Curry

Swapna's Vegetable Stew

Namitha's Beef Cutlets

Anzz's Ulli Vada

Nashira's Watermelon Shake

Lastly, my dish for the event - Homemade Jackfruit Chips

Now for the tough part. It was a nerve-racking experience to try to choose the best from all the wonderful entries. I've been drooling at all the dishes and wishing that I could taste them. But since I had pick one dish which was the best one, I finally zeroed in on this one - Sangeetha's Chakka Varatti / Jackfruit Jam

The Award for the Best Pic goes to..... Let me tell you, choosing this one was even tougher than the previous one. I'd be overjoyed to award this to more than one pic. But then after a round of "eenie meanie mynie moe" or "eena meena deeka" (just kidding! I really spent hours trying to choose this one), the winner is Nashira's Watermelon Shake.

From the moment I saw this pic, I have been wondering, how did she take this shot. Truly original and captivating.

Next is the Award for the maximum number of entries. This one goes to more than one person and I'm loving it... The winners are (drumroll please) - Sobha and Swapna

Congratulations to all the winners and all the wonderful folks who partcipated in this event! Thank you all for the participation and the encouragement.