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Kerala Kitchen Logos:

Kerala Kitchen Badges:

Feel free to add  these cute Kerala Kitchen member badges to accessorize your blog!
These badges feature a Kathakali artiste, who has become an iconic symbol for all things Kerala. The credit for this drawing which was reworked goes to the drawing here 

You can a link to to your blog post or sidebar and spread the word that you are a proud member of Kerala Kitchen! Scroll down to see how to add them.
The winners of Best Dish, Best Pic and Top Contributor get special award badges during the round up of every month's event, which only they are allowed to display on their blogs.

How to apply badges to your blog's sidebar:
  • Download a logo/badge - just right click on it and choose SAVE PICTURE AS.
  • If you use Blogger,go to LAYOUT and then choose ADD A PAGE ELEMENT – this will bring you to a window full of widgets – choose the one that says PICTURE.
  • Once the window opens, you just fill out the boxes and then browse your hard drive for the logo you want to use. 
  • E.g where it says TITLE – you can put “I’m a Proud Member of” or something like that or leave it blank. Same for CAPTION.In the link box you’d put ( and then for IMAGE, choose FROM YOUR COMPUTER, hit the BROWSE button and find the logos/badges on your hard drive. Then click SAVE – this will bring you back to that window where you clicked on ADD A PAGE ELEMENT. On top will be another link to SAVE the page. You can click on that right away if you are happy with where the logo has been placed – or you can put your cursor over the little box that is your logo and click on it, keeping your finger pressed down on the mouse, you can move that square up or down – when you have it where you want it, just let go of the mouse and it will stay there.Then click SAVE on the top of the page. And there is a PREVIEW link which you can click and look to see what your blog will look like with the new logo/badge before hitting SAVE, in case you want to check.IF you use Wordpress and typepad etc. there must be a similar way to add an image, you can check their forum here for details.